When considering a combination of elegance and durability for your home’s perimeter, an ornamental steel fence from Premiere Fence might just be what you’re searching for. Offering both timeless charm and a touch of sophistication, ornamental steel fences have become increasingly popular among homeowners in Murfreesboro. Discover why as a prominent Tennessee fence company, Premiere Fence is so passionate about ornamental steel fences!

What Exactly is Ornamental Steel Fencing? Is It Similar to Wrought Iron Fencing?

When you’re browsing for a Murfreesboro, TN residential fence and trying to find the ideal one, the terminology can sometimes be a tad confusing. The question then arises: Is there a difference between ornamental steel and wrought iron?


Essentially, ornamental steel consists of an alloy that combines both carbon and iron. This results in a lightweight and rust-resistant material that can be crafted on a larger scale. On the other hand, wrought iron is primarily pure iron, making it heavier and more susceptible to rust. Although wrought iron is undeniably charming and long-lasting, ornamental steel proves to be a more cost-effective option for Tennessee homeowners. Its low maintenance requirements make it the go-to choice for many.

What Tennessee Residents Should Understand About Ornamental Steel Fencing

Every fencing project has its own unique requirements. Hence, while ornamental steel fencing might be suitable for numerous Murfreesboro, TN residential properties, it’s crucial to know which fencing type aligns with your needs. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

The Beauty of Ornamental Steel Fences

One standout feature is their aesthetic appeal. With an appearance reminiscent of classic wrought iron, these fences elevate the look of any property. A wide variety of designs and accents are available to tailor it to your preferences.

Durability Offered by Premiere Fence

Thanks to their manufacturing process, ornamental steel fences boast impressive strength. The protective powder coating shields them from corrosion and the elements. They can also span 8-foot sections, reducing the need for excessive fence posts.

Minimal Maintenance Required

With an annual check-up for potential damages or any loose hardware, your fence will remain in excellent shape. It’s that simple!

Security Features

Collaborate with a skilled Tennessee fence company like Premiere Fence to select the correct dimensions and grade for your ornamental steel fence. This ensures the boundary remains robust and secure.

Visibility with Ornamental Steel Fences

If privacy isn’t your primary concern, these fences offer open views, which can be extremely lovely and appealing. However, if more privacy is desired, consider integrating plants and landscaping elements.

Warranty Assurance with Premiere Fence’s Ornamental Steel Fencing

One question we often encounter is about the warranty for ornamental steel fencing. We’re thrilled to confirm that, indeed, our ornamental steel fencing comes with a comprehensive warranty. Residential clients can benefit from a Limited Lifetime Warranty, while commercial applications receive a 20-year Warranty straight from the manufacturer. 


This warranty is a testament to the high-grade materials used and the exceptional workmanship that goes into every fence. Rest assured, your fence is shielded against issues like cracking, peeling, chipping, blistering, and corrosion. Furthermore, its finish is guaranteed to be defect-free throughout its lifespan. 


Beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, Premiere Fence also offers an extensive workmanship warranty for every fence installation. This is a reflection of the immense pride we take in our craft. Our commitment to excellence has built our sterling reputation, solidifying our position as a leading fence provider, one meticulously built Murfreesboro, TN residential fence, and one satisfied customer at a time.

Customization Opportunities with Premiere Fence

To make your Murfreesboro, TN residential fence stand out, ornamental steel fences offer numerous customization options. From distinct fence post toppers to unique picket designs and more. While the default appearance emulates wrought iron, various color options are available.


Especially beneficial for properties with hilly terrains, ornamental steel can be set up to match the land’s gradient. These traits make it a top choice for Tennessee residential and commercial properties alike.

Explore the Ornamental Steel Fencing Options in Murfreesboro

Premiere Fence, as a top-tier Tennessee fence company, is at your service to guide you to the perfect fencing solution. Browse through our image gallery and dedicated ornamental fencing section to visualize our offerings. You can utilize our Instant Fence Quote tool to get an idea of your options even further. 

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