Wood fencing is classic and attractive, but it also requires regular maintenance to keep its appearance. Premier Fence, a top-rated fencing contractor in Tennessee, installed your lovely wood fence, and now it’s time to maintain it. Follow these five tips to protect your investment and keep your Murfreesboro, Tennessee wood fence looking great:

# 1 – Inspect Your Fence Closely

The first step in maintaining your Murfreesboro, Tennessee wood fence is to walk along the fence line. Inspect both sides of your fence and look for any damages to your fence. Exposure to the elements can be harsh on a wood fence because it is a natural material. Inspect your fence a few times per year for damaged boards or posts, peeling, chipping, or damaged paint, and damaged hardware. 


Use this time to double-check that the fence boards and posts are firmly grounded. Shake them gently to confirm that they are still secure and stable. Check that your gates are still closing properly, that the latches are snug, and that everything is functioning as it should. Regular check-ups and taking care of small repairs keep them from becoming significant repairs. 

# 2 – Keep Track of Any Fence Repairs That Are Required

While inspecting your fence, notice any damaged or split boards, as well as any signs of rot. Taking care of these issues as soon as possible can keep your fence in great condition. Wood boards or posts that are cracked or warped can be easily repaired with minimal time and effort.


Fixing smaller repairs can be enjoyable if you appreciate do-it-yourself projects. If your repairs are extensive, your Tennessee fencing contractor, Premier Fence, is ready to help. If you are not sure how to manage the repair process of your Murfreesboro, Tennessee wood fence, or you have any other questions, contact our friendly staff for assistance. 

# 3 – Remove Stains or Dirt 

Wood fences are the most susceptible to grime buildup, so inspect them on a regular basis for dirt, mold, mildew, or other stains. Resolving these issues as soon as possible can prevent them from spreading to other parts of your Murfreesboro, Tennessee wood fence and creating a larger problem.  


A hose spray should remove any light dirt, grime, or mildew from your fence. You can restore your fence to its original state by using a brush and a gentle cleanser in areas with heavy debris, such as moss or mud. A pressure washer can also be used to remove buildup. On wood fences, use a pressure that’s not more than 1500-2000 PSI and use an angled tip to fan out the water spray. It’s easier to deal with these stains when they’re small and controllable, so inspect your fence frequently and wipe any areas you detect as soon as you notice them!

# 4 – Spruce Up Your Yard

Improve the landscaping surrounding your fence to improve the overall appearance of your yard. Remember to provide enough space between bushes or shrubs along your fence to allow for airflow and limit the possibility of mold and mildew formation. Pay close attention to any overhanging tree limbs or damaged branches, and cut them before they break and fall on your fence. 

# 5 – Maintaining Your Fence’s Stain or Paint in Murfreesboro

If you had your fence stained by Premier Fence prior to installation, then you took advantage of the protection that a high-quality stain and seal product affords a new Murfreesboro, Tennessee wood fence. Periodically check the condition of the stain or paint on your fence. In general, you should restain or repaint your fence every two to three years to protect it and keep it looking new.  Premier Fence takes pride in offering Stain and Seal™ semi-transparent fence stain in a rich chestnut color to protect the wood from the elements and harmful UV rays. Recoating your wood fence is a terrific do-it-yourself project, but be sure to call us if you have any questions!

The Best Fencing Contractor in Tennessee Is Here to Help!

If you complete all of these steps and discover that your Murfreesboro, Tennessee wood fence requires more than routine maintenance or repairs, it may be time to replace it. Our helpful staff is here to assist and guide you through the process. We would be delighted to meet with you in person, or you can use our online estimating tool

Premier Fence, a fencing contractor in Tennessee, is an expert in residential fencing in Murfreesboro, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (615) 427-9451 or contact us online today and experience the outstanding customer service that sets us apart from the rest!